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The Gre8ter Good Co specializes in assisting you in locating and retrieving abandoned financial assets and unclaimed money from both private and public trust accounts. Don't allow incorrect or outdated contact details in your records to prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours. Many businesses and governmental agencies lack the resources to locate the rightful owners of these funds, often leading to unsuccessful attempts. Allow us to aid you in reclaiming your money. Reach out to the Gre8terGood Company today

40 Years Experience

Associate Member of The American Bar Association ID: 05889518

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 The Gre8terGood Company! Our Kingsport, Tennessee-based firm.

- Asset recovery specialists
- Licensed civil real estate mediators
- Dispute resolution experts
- Wills and estates services
- FCRA certified (2018 - 2024)

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How it Works



Once the funds are verified, we begin the difficult process of tracking down the rightful owners.

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After locating the owner, they will need to sign a series of documents before the legal representative we hire can begin their work.

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The hired law firm will file all necessary legal documents on our client's behalf to get the money released from the government entity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Collection Agency?

No. The Gre8tergood Company specializes in locating and helping individuals and businesses retrieve funds that are rightfully theirs.

This sounds too good to be true!?
We completely understand this impression and encounter it every day. We do not ask for any fees upfront and only get paid after we claim the funds on your behalf.

Why should I speak with you?
This is not a random call. The Gre8tergood Company has already gone through great effort to determine who is entitled to the funds we have located. It is definitely worth investing a few minutes of time on your part to get additional details. If you prefer, we can speak with a relative, trusted friend or advisor. We will never ask you to pay any upfront. Please understand that in some cases if no action is taken your claim rights could expire.

Where is this unclaimed money being held?
Funds are often held in estates, unclaimed insurance, eminent domain, condemnation files, etc. 

Is there a deadline to claim these funds?
We often have a very short period of time to make claim as the funds might be subject to a statute of limitation or court-imposed deadline.

How much is the claim?
We only contact individuals with a minimum gross amount of $10,000 being held for them.

How much money can I expect to make?
Our offer is based on risk, time investment required, amount owed and cost to retrieve the held funds.

Do I have to send you any money?
No, we handle all of the recovery costs including attorney fees. You are never billed for any of the expenses we incur while retrieving the funds, even if our efforts are unsuccessful.

What is the cost to have you recover the funds/assets?
The Gre8tergood Company agreement provides for the retrieval of the financial asset on a fee percentage basis contingent upon the successful recovery of your monies.

How do the funds/assets become unclaimed?
Situations that can lead to assets going missing include divorce, relocation, death, job loss, a financial matter overlooked during a stressful time, a business hardship, or possibly a relative had investments, insurance policies, or bank accounts you had no idea about, but are entitled to.

How were you able to locate these funds?
We research government agencies nationwide on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to private citizens like you.

How did you find me?
We locate our clients via federal, state, public and private resources, including subscriptions to several proprietary databases. This makes up our greatest investment of time and resources.

When will I be paid?

The entire process generally takes 1 to 2 months. A more accurate estimate can be provided once we have received your completed recovery documents and information.

What do I have to do to begin the recovery process?
To get started, please call the number on the postcard we sent you or the one given to you when called. You may also contact us via email at [email protected]

Why should I use The Gre8tergood Company?
Since most of the assets we locate aren't listed online, it will be difficult to find them without the assistance of an organization like ours. In most cases the agency holding the funds will retain them permanently if they go unclaimed after a period of time. We believe this system is unfair and are determined to help the rightful owners claim their funds.

Is Gre8tergood client friendly?

All gre8tergood associates are top notch highly skilled and trained professional Client services associates and undertanding the needs of all clients in any enviroment. Cheerful and pleasant.

Meet the Team

Elaine E. Presley

Elaine E. Presley

“40 Year-skilled, Real Estate Consultant, Civil and Criminal Mediator.  Investments. Skip tracer. Lost funds case manager. and being an Ex-Federal Investigator helps greatly in solving cases with a 97% success rate over her career.”



Professional Title Researcher, Title Abstracter. Current & Prior owner searches, all open liens, Chain of Title Reports, Mortgages, judgments, Encumbrances, Condemnation Orders, Notices, Title Certificate, Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Rights of Way, Matters of Record, 12 Years experience.....

Olivia Carter

Olivia Carter

Knowledgeable skip tracer & mortgage broker assisting clients in solving cases and finding the best home loan options for buyers of the homes we have for sale.

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